What is Union?

The Magazine

Wakeboarding is a sport, a passion, a community – a life. And Union Wakeboarder Magazine is committed to those who call wakeboarding ‘theirs’ by reflecting and portraying the sport in a modern light. From lifestyle pieces, to traveling around the globe, Union Wakeboarder’s focus is on the nature and culture of wakeboarding as a professional lifestyle. Having seen the sport move from its impressionable beginnings through to having strong enough in identity to stand alongside its established boardsport Cousins; surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding, Union Wakeboarder Magazine is perfectly aligned to take its place in the wakeboarding world.

Published 4 times a year, Union Wakeboarder is the tangible record that riders and readers alike look to for insight and inspiration. Celebrating the endeavour, the culture and the community that readers feel connected with. New & Social media is a way of quick connection across our great land while print is a way to idealise, depict and elevate the sport in a genuine form. The landscape has changed, yes, though a magazine is still the more impressive, immersive and respected medium in which readers trust.

The Website

The connectivity of the web has spread like a wildfire. Far from being a small vehicle for entertainment and information, the web, with its social platform, is now a definitive way in which to connect and spread ideas, concepts and information. unionwakeboarder.com understands this. We see the web as an instant notification/gratification tool that allows us to reach readers without any delay. It’s main positive is the immediate grasp its has over potentially thousands of minds who are actively searching for the latest news and event results. Though Union Wakeboarder aims to be so much more. With content specifically written and captured for the screen Union wakeboarder promises to transcend the current wake landscape by introducing a constantly updating uniquely ‘Union’ experience. Through the watchful eye of the our Web Editor, Australia and the World’s wakeboarding news will sit side by side with purpose created videos, weekly columns and rider insight to provide the browser with an truly individual browsing experience. Featuring premium-positioned exclusive ad spots for our advertisers, unionwakeboarder.com aims to keep like-minded brands in touch with our Magazine & Online readers.

Who is Union?

Senior Photographer and Editorial Advisor; Chris O’Shea has already proven his worth on the water with an ‘Alliance Magazine Wakeboarder of the Year 2009’ award along with a ‘Transworld Magazine Video Part of the Year 2012’award. Over his 8 Years of professional wakeboarding he has been, and still is, considered by many to be the world’s premier freerider. Now he is beginning to show his creativity in the photographic world. With 4 magazine covers under his belt already he is a one of the best wakeboarding photographers in Australia. His wakeboarding knowledge is priceless while his respectability unparalleled.

Editorial Manager; Toby Knox has been working behind the scenes for over 12 years now. Having the rare opportunity to have connected with over three generations of wakeboarders and having worked on both of Australia’s published wakeboarder magazines most recently as Editor of Boarder Magazine. Our Web Manager, has passion and a unique knowledge of the sport while ready, willing and able to promote video’s, images, contest, events and whatever else on our Daily Website. Throw in a still strong connection with the one and only Dimitris Limnatitis and you’ll see, we’ve already done the hard yards, put in the miles. Yes, we already know how this game is played. But sands shift and landscapes change, this is true in or world as it in yours. It’s this culmination of natural change that has brought about the creation of Australia’s newest and most progressive wakeboard publication; Union Wakeboarder Magazine. And we are truly excited about it.