<strong><span style="color: #b2b09e;">WALLPAPER : </span></strong>Aaron Gunn

WALLPAPER : Aaron Gunn

Download this Wallpaper now. Aaron Gunn leaving his mark on the country side and not even a cable in sight. This shot is from The Gallery in Issue 14.

<strong><span style="color: #b2b09e;">WALLPAPER : </span></strong>Courtney Angus

WALLPAPER : Courtney Angus

Download this Wallpaper now. It may be a sepia effect as Courtney Angus has been killing it for so long, this shot is from The Gallery in Issue 14.

<strong><span style="color: #b2b09e;">WALLPAPER : </span></strong>NIC RAPA


Download this Wallpaper now. Perhaps print it out in a repeated pattern and then use it for Xmas Rapa-ing paper or something.

<strong><span style="color: #b2b09e;">WALLPAPER : </span></strong>BRENTON PRIESTLEY


Download this Wallpaper now. This shot of Brenton is from ‘The Gallery’ in Issue 15. Pic: Chris O’Shea

<strong><span style="color: #b2b09e;">WALLPAPER : </span></strong>JAMIE NEVILLE


Download this Wallpaper now. This shot of Jamie is from ‘The Gallery’ in Issue 15. Switch front nose on the flatbar at Bli Bli Wake Park.

<strong><span style="color: #b2b09e;">WALLPAPER : </span></strong>Raph Derome

WALLPAPER : Raph Derome

Taylor Hanley was in Bundalong, Victoria shooting for his new film ‘formats’ alongside fellow Canadians Raph Derome, Dylan Miller, Nick Dorsey, Texan Chris Abadie & Frankstonite.

<strong><span style="color: #b2b09e;">WALLPAPER : </span></strong>Matt Rodgers

WALLPAPER : Matt Rodgers

Australian Wakeskater, Matt Rodgers on the Tweed in this native habitat circa 2014.

<strong><span style="color: #b2b09e;">WALLPAPER : </span></strong>Dom Hernler

WALLPAPER : Dom Hernler

I hear there either is or has been a lot of commotion at Lake Ronix during the past month. New gear, new projects, new riders.

<strong><span style="color: #b2b09e;">WALLPAPER : </span></strong>Todd Watson

WALLPAPER : Todd Watson

This pic is a few years old, it went in one of our U.S Issues. But honestly, like a fine wine, this pic has aged well. Has Todd Watson aged well too?

<strong><span style="color: #b2b09e;">WALLPAPER : </span></strong>Sam Rennie

WALLPAPER : Sam Rennie

Download this Wallpaper now. Sam Rennie is from Tocumwal I think. Bundalong has a lot of bends – sometimes I call it ‘Bend’along and think that I’m funny.

<strong><span style="color: #b2b09e;">WALLPAPER : </span></strong>OLIVER BREUMLUND


To fit all these wallpapers into your dining room you’re going to need to get an extension. Just to clarify, I think this is Oliver Breumlund at last years Renovation

<strong><span style="color: #b2b09e;">WALLPAPER : </span></strong>James Windsor

WALLPAPER : James Windsor

Download this sucker. James Windsor would definitely be able to get himself in late night trouble, but here he’s just destroying some random tube laying about at Mackay Wake Park.

<strong><span style="color: #b2b09e;">WALLPAPER : </span></strong>Lewy Watt


Download this sucker. With him, Lewis, isn’t spoken, it’s somewhat ironically pronounced. “I’m ‘Loo Wis” with a sharp end. “Lou Wis. Kev In. Watt.”

<strong><span style="color: #b2b09e;">WALLPAPER : </span></strong>Cory Teunissen

WALLPAPER : Cory Teunissen

Cory Teunissen, He roller coaster, He got early warning, He got muddy water, He one Mojo filter. Download this sucker now.

<strong><span style="color: #b2b09e;">Wallpaper :</span></strong> Oliver Breumlund

Wallpaper : Oliver Breumlund

What did I already say about Oliver Breumlund? This is a banger from last year’s Humanoid Trip. Their shit looks good.

<strong><span style="color: #b2b09e;">Wallpaper :</span></strong> Erik Ruck

Wallpaper : Erik Ruck

A long time ago I saw a photo sequence of Erik Ruck, the caption read that nobody had heard of him before he went out to ride and nobody could ever forget him after he did.

<strong><span style="color: #b2b09e;">Wallpaper :</span></strong> Brenton Priestley

Wallpaper : Brenton Priestley

I don’t know how many times we’ve feature Brenton Priestley in our wallpaper. But whatever, wallpaper is back and this banger is another one to ad to the pile.

<strong><span style="color: #b2b09e;">Wallpaper :</span></strong> Mike Dowdy

Wallpaper : Mike Dowdy

Dowdy caused a lot of chatter when he said he thinks everyone is a dick . Come on, thats pretty much what he said.

<strong><span style="color: #b2b09e;">Wallpaper :</span></strong> Shane Bonifay

Wallpaper : Shane Bonifay

Since Shane grew a beard everything he does looks good . But everything he did before the beard looked good too.

<strong><span style="color: #b2b09e;">Wallpaper :</span></strong> Cody Hesse

Wallpaper : Cody Hesse

These days Cody Hesse is known well enough for the things he’s done, not for who he looks like.

<strong><span style="color: #b2b09e;">Wallpaper :</span></strong> Andy Kolb

Wallpaper : Andy Kolb

Download this if you like. What you know of Andy Kolb is probably that he planned, shot and executed ‘The Debut’ last year. What you probably know also is that he rips on a skate.

<strong><span style="color: #b2b09e;">Wallpaper :</span></strong> Steffen Vollert

Wallpaper : Steffen Vollert

German Black and White solitude. Straight from our first ever U.S Edition. This has got to be one of our favorite pics we have ever ran.

<strong><span style="color: #b2b09e;">Wallpaper :</span></strong> BT

Wallpaper : BT

Taken straight from the US Issue 02 Front section, how Bryan Soderlind held his breath for this long who knows…