Sound Room

<strong><span style="color: #b2b09e;">SOUNDROOM : </span></strong>AARON GUNN


Far to say Aaron Gunn’s playlist is pretty gangsta so get your grills and throw on this play list.

<strong><span style="color: #b2b09e;">SOUNDROOM : </span></strong>Oliver Derome

SOUNDROOM : Oliver Derome

ALL IN ALL THIS WASN’T A BAD ONE. Best song, All along the watchtower by Jimi Hendrix.New one for me, Feel it Still by Portugal. Felt them vibes. Worst song, Burn for you by Blue Oyster Cut.

<strong><span style="color: #b2b09e;">SOUNDROOM : </span></strong>Daniel Grant

SOUNDROOM : Daniel Grant

“I feel like I get to listen to music from all over the world and its so nice to see all of dance music growing so much in all genres.”

<strong><span style="color: #b2b09e;">SOUNDROOM : </span></strong>DEAN SMITH


Every song for the rest of the night is going to be bliss. Please never send dad music again… Enjoy from Navarra down.

<strong><span style="color: #b2b09e;">Sound Room : </span></strong>Andrew Pastura

Sound Room : Andrew Pastura

Austin Pastura has a taste in music. So do you , so do I. Who would know better than Austin about what Austin likes? No-one. Now listen to this. Free donuts for all!

<strong><span style="color: #b2b09e;">Sound Room : </span></strong>Raph Derome

Sound Room : Raph Derome

Put aside an hour and listen to what Raph Derome listens to. Maybe he listens to this to get himself ready to ride, maybe he listens to these songs to ease back into post ride life. Maybe he does both.

<strong><span style="color: #b2b09e;">Sound Room :</span></strong> Trever Bashir

Sound Room : Trever Bashir

Good Ole’ Trever Bashir never lets us down, and why would he? He’s probably always in a permanent good mood after listen to all this.

<strong><span style="color: #b2b09e;">Sound Room :</span></strong> Austin Pratt

Sound Room : Austin Pratt

Listen to some music with a tinge of Dark Lord this weekend why don’t you and get back to us on how your Halloween was

<strong><span style="color: #b2b09e;">Sound Room :</span></strong> Davis Griffin

Sound Room : Davis Griffin

Do you wonder what it is that keeps Shredtown’s Davis Griffin shreading? These choice tunes…